Blockchains, smart contracts and distributed hash tables are set to revolutionise the economy.

ChainThat’s complete stack solutions and services allow key industries to embrace the disruption by allowing them to rapidly adapt or just prototype new de-centralised business services to remain relevant and competitive.

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Our ethos is that all solutions we develop must be deployable and stand up to the rigors of practical use in the real-world. Our collective background is on taming complex technologies and deploying them to deliver agreed positive outcomes for our customers.  We provide the full technology stack for applications and services for each vertical.



Commercial & Specialty (Re)Insurance

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Education Fraud

Education Fraud

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Legal Contracts

Legal Contracts

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As a startup focused exclusively on practically deployable de-centralised Blockchain technology, ChainThat has a strong blend of entrepreneurial drive backed up with deep experience of the challenges of delivering complex enterprise scale applications within multi-national organisations and into global marketplaces. This combination differentiates the ChainThat team from the majority of participants in the field of early Blockchain education, training, consultancy & implementation.

  • Training & Education on both the business and technology impacts of de-centralised technologies.
  • Define and share standards, best practices of designing smart contracts, and architecting decentralised enterprise applications.
  • Build “Blockchain Development Practices” for organisations including training.
  • Deliver “Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service” that enables organisations to focus purely on value creation projects while we take care of the underlying infrastructure.
  • Develop prototypes and proof-of-concepts, from initial scoping discussions, white board sessions to product demonstrations.
  • Ensure Organisations understand the ROI from investing in Blockchain applications by streamlining the processes and improving customer experience.

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Development Practice

We are passionate about the Blockchain technology and its incredible potential but we are not seduced by it or blind to its limitations. To that end we have already invested in proving the Blockchain technology’s capabilities to ourselves:

  • We have created a functional and deployable Blockchain platform to resolve real world challenges within the commercial insurance sector.
  • We have become part of the open source development community around Ethereum (the leading Blockchain and smart contract platform) and have established connections to specialist expert resources to complement our capabilities.
  • We have setup a cloud-based private Blockchain lab for rapid development and prototyping of new solutions.
  • We have combined and integrated Blockchain technology with more traditional enterprise technologies to prove co-existence with wider technology eco-systems.

Within our team we possess a wide range of complementary technology skills to be able to deliver development projects to outcome with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We also have the advantage of having worked together as a unit extensively over a number of years. Our footprint in the UK and India allows us to be competitive and also to practically extend our effective working day across time-zones.

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